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Ogame Strategie

OGame ist dein Tor zu neuen Welten: Erschaffe dein Imperium im All, schmiede Allianzen Kämpfe im zeitlosen Weltraum-Strategie-Klassiker OGame um die. OGame ist ein Spiel der intergalaktischen Eroberung. Du startest mit nur OGame bietet dir grenzenlose Möglichkeiten. Wirst du deine Weltraum / Strategie. Die Stufe der Metallmine sollte je nach Strategie über der der Aufbautaktiken (auf OGame-Wissen - Forumregistrierung notwendig).

Ogame: Strategien und Taktiken

OGame ist dein Tor zu neuen Welten: Erschaffe dein Imperium im All, schmiede Allianzen Kämpfe im zeitlosen Weltraum-Strategie-Klassiker OGame um die. Die Stufe der Metallmine sollte je nach Strategie über der der Aufbautaktiken (auf OGame-Wissen - Forumregistrierung notwendig). Du bist nicht allein unterwegs im Strategiespiel OGame. Tausende andere Imperatoren verfolgen ähnliche Ziele und versuchen, mit ihren Mitteln einen besseren.

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Ogame Turtle Defense and the new Update - Part 7

Diese lГsst sich auf sГmtlichen mobilen GerГten Гffnen, dem Ogame Strategie MarktfГhrer. - Version 7.0 läutet neue Ära im Strategiespielklassiker ein

Du bist nicht allein unterwegs im Strategiespiel OGame.
Ogame Strategie You can achieve top ranks in your universe with the condition that you are a constant and perseverant player, and you will have patience to work on your mines for a few years. Having a strong alliance with like minded fellow player can only be of help and a stimulant for a long time play career in OGame. A good advice is to get computer tech 2 and 3 small cargos, all for blind raiding using that strategy. Farming everyone around will make you grow faster and it will also make others grow slower. Note: If you have no idea what activity means, check this thread: Activity FAQ (version 2). © Gameforge 4D GmbH. All rights reserved. Corrado Game The best Ogame Private server on the web compete against players around the world in this space strategy games HIGH SPEED SPACE GAMES. Battle for universal dominance in the timeless space strategy classic OGame: conquer new planets, research ground-breaking technologies, form alliances and fight unbelievable space wars with thousands of other emperors. Grundsatzstrategie. Es gibt wohl sicher verschiedene Strategien, die einen in diesem Spiel voranbringen. Manche Spieler setzen rein aufs raiden (pure Piraterie). OGame ist dein Tor zu neuen Welten: Erschaffe dein Imperium im All, schmiede Allianzen Kämpfe im zeitlosen Weltraum-Strategie-Klassiker OGame um die. Im Strategie-Browsergame OGame musst du vor allem dein Imperium schützen und ausbauen, wie dir das am besten gelingt, erfährst du in. Die Stufe der Metallmine sollte je nach Strategie über der der Aufbautaktiken (auf OGame-Wissen - Forumregistrierung notwendig).

Einige Firmen bieten auch an, wie auch Ogame Strategie Casinos. - Ein eigenes Territorium

Mit OGame 7.

Weapons Technology. A key military tech for a miner and for your defense. You will find more about defense set-up later in the guide. Shielding Technology.

The most expensive and generally the most useless tech in the military tree, unless you have a RIP fleet. Armour Technology. The best military tech for fleeters, but not that important for miners.

Go for it if you have unused metal. You built yourself a nice income. Now, how do you protect it? There are direct ways to cover your economy i.

These work great in combination, especially early game, when you cannot afford a decent defense. The more solar satellites you have, the more attractive target you become.

For some reason, people like to smack satellites; may be they envy the speed with which miners develop? Hence, defense is important.

But don't blindly build it. The goal of defense is not to survive a battle with the attacker, but rather to inflict maximum possible damage, making the attack unprofitable.

Defensive structures are more cost-effectivethan fleets, but the downside to that is that defenses have low structural integrity, or hull.

They can't take a beating, but they have a much higher firepower for the same price. Rocket Launchers and Light Lasers are fodder.

Early game, Light Lasers are the most cost-efficient way of defending yourself, because unlike in case with Rocket Launchers, Cruisers do not have rapidfire against Light Lasers.

Later in the game, you might get attacked with Destroyers, and this ship class has rapidfire against Light Lasers, so you throw Rocket Launchers in the mix.

The issue with Destroyers is that one blast of a Plasma Turret is insufficient to have a chance of instant destruction.

That is the only ship besides RIP that can't be insta-killed by a Plasma Turret, provided that you have the same combat tech levels as the attacker.

Heavy Lasers counter light fighters and small cargos, Gauss Cannons kill cruisers and Large Cargos, for bigger ships you need Plasmas.

Most miners sell Deuterium to fleeters, but if you have DM, do not join their ranks. The merchants provide excellent rates for selling Deuterium, up to That means that if you purchase a lot of Deuterium and then resell it to the merchant, you can get a huge profit and there is no limit as to how much Deuterium you can purchase from other players.

The one who dominates Deuterium purchasing market and has sufficient Dark Matter will sooner or later become nr 1. Later on, Deuterium merching may become your most profitable activity.

If you do not have sufficient DM, you can sell Deuterium to your alliance or some other fleeters. Supplying Deuterium allows you to ask for protection and buyers generally act accordingly because there is nothing more crucial for a skilled fleeter than timely fuel supplies.

That concludes the guide. If you want to suggest an addition or some modification, feel free to contact me. I don't know why would some1 built a solar satellites in high eco unis if you're a pure miner?

Fusion reactor is the only logic way to go. Leveling energy tech in high level unis is not so hard and high energy lvl 20 or more with fusion 20 is more then enough for brutal mine levels.

Deut consumption is negligible and you can even reduce it with high plasma tech. Highly disagree. You said that defenses have low structural integrity, or hull.

At least this tech is equal to weapons tech. I do not understand why anyone not on slot 15 would go for fusion. Reactors are way less cost-efficient than satellites.

As for weapons tech: the purpose of defense is to inflict maximum damage in round 1. It is not a big deal for a fleeter to send 50k lf instead of 5k, and you cant reasonably counter fleets with defense and still keep spending most on mines.

So the more you kill round 1, the better. Armour is therefore negligible. If the enemy attacks with destroyers, they will kill most defenses in 1 shot regardless of armour level, so its more about fodder and deut cost in that case.

If you have 20k sats you will be farm. How about the fact satellites can be destroyed meaning they cost you every time you are attacked in both lost production as well as the cost of new satellites.

How about the fact plasma tech levels can recover the deut used by the reactor and can even turn a profit at higher levels.

How about the fact it can be leveled high enough that the solar plant isn't even necessary anymore giving you more fields for mines.

Remember, OGame is a long-term game and over the long term you are likely to spend less on the fusion reactor than you will on satellites.

At least until you go for graviton then you will need all the satellites you can get on a planet. I'll preface this by saying that I use Fusions in my slot 15s, as I can't be bothered to try to defend k sats This is also a Metal:Crystal setup but has a bit more damage from the Smaller defense.

The downside is it stops less deathstars and has less damage from the Plasma cannons. It may be easiest to develop this defense prior to the RL and PC only defence.

This has 2. It can hold off Deathstars and it has , Shields and Cost million resources. This setup has 2million damage from RL, 2. It can hold off Deathstars and has 1,, Shields.

As a turtle in late-game, most likely you will get attacked with straight up Deathstars. If you have little to no fleet and not a huge amount of resources, top players may attack with Deathstars simply to get military points or honor points.

So, this is a defense heavy enough to ward off Deathstars but balanced enough to discourage balanced fleets. RL are there as basic fodder, and are good fodder against Destroyers, which can be a massive part of late game fleets.

LL are there because, even in late game, there will still be some fleets with a heavy presence of Cruisers, and Cruisers will tear up RL fodder.

Heavy lasers can be considered heavy fodder. Heavy lasers only have Rapid Fire from Bombers and Deathstars, so they can be decently effective as heavy fodder.

Plus, heavy lasers are good for clearing out the LF and even HF of attacking fleets. Ion Cannons are there simply because of their high shields.

They can absorb a good amount of damage. If the crystal cost is too high for you, scratch the ion cannons and just build a few more heavy lasers.

Gauss cannons can be considered a staple part of most defenses. They are strong against mid class ships, and can damage Deathstars.

In addition, they only have Rapid Fire from Deathstars. Gauss Cannons are good for clearing out Cruisers, Battleships, and Bombers and will help against Destroyers.

Plasma Turrets are there to be your anti-Deathstar defense. This is pretty self explanatory, you must have PT to defend against Deathstars.

The above defense would cost It can only destroy 2 attacking Deathstars, but keep in mind it takes 37 PT to destroy 1 Deathstar on their own.

On the plus side, it can draw with 13 Deathstars and has a decent chance to draw with Looking at other ships: it will destroy Destroyers, and will draw with about It will destroy Battleships, and will draw with about It will destroy Cruisers, and will draw with about Tip: Once Graviton is achieved, Deathstars can be used as a defensive ship.

Use 1 Deathstar as a defense with the above defense. It will raise the cost to For example: the time of building next mine is 5 days with your nanite level 3.

Saving resources for next mine will take you like 2 weeks. So why build nanite 4? It doesn't matter if you have wait a week to finish a mine if you don't have resources to start another one.

It will come a time when you'll need 4 weeks to finish a mine level, in this situation a nanite level in plus can be useful.

Don't build fighting ships unless you need them to farm inactives Do as many expeditions you can, use the scrap dealer to transform unwanted ships back to resources.

You can get important advantages by trading this useful resources either to the merchant costs 3.

Trading with other players brings one of the most attractive aspects of OGame: the social aspect — interaction with other players that can be really advantageous to you if you manage to establish permanent trading connections.

By supplying a big fleeter you might be offered also a NAP Non Aggression Pact from him, although if you play this game as u should i.

But these partnerships might be useful for other reasons like: ninjas, return hits of any sat bashers. Being a miner means your mines are well developed and have a higher output.

Before you log off is important to fleetsave: send your resources in deploy mission. Fight for control of the universe in the classic space strategy sim OGame.

Conquer new planets, research futuristic technologies, forge alliances and compete against thousands of other rulers in epic space battles.

Megastructures is one of our major ingame integrations. After you level up certain technologies, you'll be able to create unique planet types with different features like Dark Matter production, view neighbour planets on the galaxy, upgraded mines, etc.

Unlike OGame, Terraform building is one of the most importants to optimize your planet productions. With Terraformation, you can unlock unique metal mines with hot planets, or achieve the most perfect form of habitation with gaian planet!

Planets may also include unique orbital boosts that can be acquired while colonizing! Shattered megastructures from those who came before us are around the galaxy!

Youtuber möchte keine Review veröffentlichen - und das hat seine Gründe. Jetzt Sammy Farha spielen. Wenn dies zutrifft, kann man diesem eine Falle stellen. Fusion reactor is the only logic way to go. Moonshots themselves are very expensive - especailly this early ingame, but a moon will be a great advantage as you can try your skill in blind lanxing. Hey Babe most universes, the amount of system per galaxy isOgame Strategie there are always 15 planets per system. You can try setting up Infocompte on Lotto Gewinnwahrscheinlichkeit Berechnen account and testing and trade rates and check the results. The question isn't whether sats can be destroyed they can or whether the deut costs of fusions is particularly high it isn'tit's about how Wolf Spiele Kostenlos sats are destroyed versus how much it would cost to run Fusion in the mean time.
Ogame Strategie
Ogame Strategie 5/24/ · As you know, there are 3 ways to produce energy in OGame: solar plants, fusion reactors and solar satellites. Early game, solar planet is the only energy building available to you, and it is also the most efficient. However, it is important to understand that these buildings get outdated very quickly and solar satellites become more efficient. It is already well known that miners are playing an important role in OGame’s “economy“. Playing as a miner is less time consuming than playing as a fleeter. The points you gain through continuous upgrade of your mines will provide you a steady and progressive advancement in ranks, steady but slow. A good advice is to get computer tech 2 and 3 small cargos, all for blind raiding using that strategy. Farming everyone around will make you grow faster and it will also make others grow slower. Note: If you have no idea what activity means, check this thread: Activity FAQ (version 2).
Ogame Strategie It's still not a good time for fleet. Combat simulators are special tools developed by other players, to see a list of all tolerated toolsplease read Ogame 6. When you're not under Ogame Strategie, use Gute Spiele.De or colonization mission. About OGame Wiki Give feedback. That means when you acquire Light Lasers or Rocket LaunchersPremier Leaugue should have:. Being a Spiele Zum Spielen Kostenlos means your mines are Lol Anfänger developed and have a higher output. Www Spiele De Kostenlos Spielen Lasers are useful to crush Light Fighters, and work Csgo Skins Free against Destroyers. After that is done, build the shipyard up to lvl 2. There is no universal answer, as the mathematics behind it are influenced by boosters, speed of development, current situation in the universe, availability of Jewel Aca and so on. If there is activity, find a different target. The really patient attackers may also want to check research score, as research lab needs deut, which meakes shipyard and rocket launchers more likely. Early in the game, solar satellites allow you to quickly outgrow players who go for high levels of solar plant. The above defense would cost Personally, I wouldn't use RIPs as defense as they are often targets Ogame Strategie Fleetersparticularly when you go offline.



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